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Help Us Get To Tamworth in 2025

The Dream

For the past few years we have been trying to make it up to Tamworth for the country music festival from country Victoria.

Life and other obstacles keep getting in our way.

We know that for our dreams to come true and for more people to hear our music and reach important industry people, that the Tamworth Country Music Festival is definitely where we need to be.
To make it to Tamworth we both would lose our regular wages, and of course it's pretty hard to pay the bills and put food on the table without that.

We also have a dream to go the the Australian Country Music Academy in Tamworth which is held two weeks before the festival. Again it is just not viable as we would both lose 3 weeks of wages, need to come up with petrol money, entry to the academy, and accommodation. You get the picture.

If you would like to help us get there we would be so appreciative and grateful.

You can donate any amount you wish (every bit helps!) via paypal.

Thank you so much!

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